Hello and welcome to TravelMyBliss!

This is a blog about my adventures in travel and in life. I originally started it to chronicle a trip to Africa. You will find an account of that trip and others on this site. Now I am continuing to write as we embark on a much longer journey.

My husband and I are in our early 50’s and for years we have talked about taking some time to go on a long trip. Now we are making it happen. Michael is a surfer. He grew up in southern California, but has lived in Colorado for almost thirty years. Though the mountains of our home are inspiring and provide stunning scenery and good skiing, he has longed to spend more time on the ocean. So we are setting off on a 10 month sabbatical beginning in August 2016. We’ll be following summer down to the southern hemisphere and visiting some places that have been on my travel list for a long time.

Though we both like to travel, for me it is a true passion. I love everything about it – the research, the planning and anticipation, and of course the experience itself. This is my bliss! I love visiting far off lands, experiencing new cultures, and marveling at unfamiliar scenery. I like to collect experiences, and traveling is a fantastic way to do just that! By sharing those experiences through this blog, I hope to inspire others to take a chance, step out of their usual routine, and find their own bliss. Follow along and see where our travels take us and what adventures life has to offer!

See you down the road,


Sarah elephant







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