Londolozi Finale

Our last morning at Londolozi we had one more game drive in which we saw more lions. This time it was the Tsalala pride with 3 lionesses and 4 cubs. As expected, they were enjoying a morning nap.

Sacked out

Scanning the horizon

We also saw a Jackal and an African Fish eagle that morning, and another Lilac-breasted roller.

Part of my African Bums collection

African Fish-Eagle

Lila-breasted roller

To finish our drive Kate parked the truck and led us on a walking safari back to camp. It was a beautiful morning with the Drakensberg mountains in the distance and it was really fun to get a totally different view of things. We saw a Stiletto snake crawling into a termite mound and marveled at all the details you don't see as well from a vehicle.

Stiletto snake - quite toxic!

Drakensberg mountains


4 thoughts on “Londolozi Finale

  1. Great to catch up on all your adventures and wonderful pictures! I especially enjoyed hearing about the wild dogs (just because they are so strange) and the hail–like South Dakota! It must be very exciting to see all those animals at home, as it were. Looking forward to more…XXOOJen


  2. Love the Lioness scanning the horizon. Well, all the lion shots…and the earlier leopard ones were pretty cool too! Well done, cuz! Tho those wild dogs, especially the one with the bloody face, tested my normally dog-loving feelings…what horrid creatures! Now, where’s your list of camera gear for this safari? Which camera and which lenses did you end up bringing (the agonizing with the weight restrictions balanced against needing to get the shot….) For example, what did you get the lion shot with ?


    • Hi Diana, I’m glad you like the photos. I’m having so much fun taking them! I am not a pro photographer but I wanted to step it up for this trip, so all my photos are being taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ200. I didn’t want to lug around heavy lenses so I opted for a superzoom or bridge camera instead of a DSLR. My Leica lens maintains an f 2.8 over the full zoom focal length of 25-600mm. So far I’m really happy with it but have been learning and getting better at adjusting settings appropriately as I go along.


      • Well, you’re getting fantastic results! Chip and I are trying not to be TOO envious of such great shots (our trips are photo centered!), and the amazing experiences…Definitely on my bucket list. Oh, the lovely lions…….


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